Ranch Operations

Ranch Operations

Ranch Operations


It’s a very simple sort of shed structure, but everything that’s done with the shed is very refined because it’s a distillation of the architectural ideas, and making them as economical but also as potent as possible.
— Anne Fougeron, FAIA


Ranch Operations presented an opportunity to explore the juxtaposition of simple utilitarian structures against the Hill Country landscape. Designed with a common 16’ module, the structural layout for the three buildings is identical, leaving manipulation of the skin system as the primary vehicle for meeting the programmatic needs for the project. These needs include office space and a shop, maintenance vehicle storage as well as general storage.

The steel volumes are differentiated by function as a planar floating roof with detached perimeter walls for vehicle storage, a more opaque enclosure for the storage building, and a perforated volume in the case of the office structure. The deployment of these three structures in series across the landscape, their white walls contrasting the native ground cover of the landscape, presents a simple strategy rooted in local vernacular tradition for the integration of structures within a larger natural context.


Ranch Operations

Texas Hill Country

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Honor Award, AIA Austin