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Constitucion 999

Constitución 999


Designed with Ibarra Aragón Arquitectura, Constitución 999 is a 60-story mixed-use development in Monterrey, Mexico that tops out at 830 feet. Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Monterry, Mexico, the project is surrounded by a historic zone filled with notable residential architecture from the 20th century that is protected by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. The project seeks to take part in the urban regeneration of the neighborhood, which has become almost completely abandoned over time.

The proposal consists of two main elements offset symmetrically around a central axis, which aligns with the existing Parque de los Compositores. Characterized by its undulating profile, the space between the towers forms a majestic atrium above a commercial promenade at ground level. The design arranges the program into 60 levels: four levels of retail, 20 floors offices, a seven-story hotel, and 27 levels of apartments. Among its most distinct architectural features, the proposal includes a two-story sky lounge containing an observation deck and restaurant. A five-story underground garage provides 1,000 parking spots.

The design proposes a composition of sinuous forms that are both sensuous and elegant, and the result is a structure that is totally different from what currently exists in the metropolitan area. Constitución 999 opens up to views of the mountainous terrain surrounding the city as well as to all of the dynamism of the city itself. At the same time, the design creates a protected, internal “micro-environment” filled with vibrant attractions for residents and visitors alike.


Constitución 999

Monterrey, Mexico

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