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Austin360 Amphitheater

Austin360 Amphitheater


The Austin360 Amphitheater is a testament to the incredible vision that the Miró Rivera design team put into creating an outdoor venue that marries world-class style, acoustical excellence, and fun.
— Bobby Epstein, COTA Chairman


Carved into the topography of the site, the Austin360 Amphitheater is the largest outdoor stage in Central Texas, with 6,671 fixed seats and a total capacity of over 14,000 people. Above the stage, a canopy of red steel tubes—meant to evoke the precision, dynamism and performance-driven design of racecars—forms a “veil” that sweeps up and over the iconic 251 foot tall Observation Tower.

Bordered by the track on three sides, the 27-acre Grand Plaza lies at the heart of the Circuit of the Americas and defines the experience for most visitors to the motorsports and entertainment venue. The 3.4-mile racetrack coils around the Austin360 Amphitheater and springs out to the east and west, making it the perfect location not only to watch the action of the race unfold, but also to enjoy the amenities contained within.

Visitors enter through a large hardscaped plaza containing the box office and entry gates. Inside, the entry plaza opens into the expansive Grand Plaza, with a dramatic view of the Observation Tower in the distance. A monumental reflecting pool sunken into a plush lawn offers a serene gathering point, drawing visitors into the site. Nearby, varying landscape zones define unique areas of activity, including an outdoor eating area shaded by a grove of trees.

From the reflecting pool, a promenade unfolds along the plaza’s northeast edge; large banners and bold graphics punctuate this trellis-covered boulevard. To the left are amenities including concession stands, retail areas, restroom facilities and the Turn 15 grandstands. To the right is the Great Lawn, with space to accommodate a variety of events including festivals, athletics and pre-concert activities. At this point, visitors are surrounded by the sights and sounds of the race, heightening the sensory experience of the track and cementing the circuit’s identity.


Austin360 Amphitheater

Austin, Texas

Circuit of The Americas
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Best New Concert Venue, 25th Annual Pollstar Awards
Overall Winner, ABJ Commercial Real Estate Awards