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Republic Square Park Kiosk

Republic Square Park Kiosk


Established in 1839, Republic Square is one of three historical squares in downtown Austin. The redevelopment of Republic Square led by Design Workshop is based around a circular promenade which connects pedestrians to all four corners of the park, creating dynamic edge conditions and providing a flexible, central lawn for activities.

Miró Rivera was approached by the park’s planners to design a food kiosk and support building at the park's northwest corner. The limestone-clad facility takes its cues from the adjacent Federal Courthouse and the park’s use of roughback limestone for retaining walls and benches. A screen of galvanized pipe shields the rooftop mechanical equipment, while a cantilevered canopy welcomes patrons.


Republic Square Park Kiosk

Austin, Texas

Austin Parks & Recreation

New Construction

Best Public Place, ULI Austin