Award | AIA Austin Design Award


Miró Rivera Architects received an AIA Austin Design Award of Merit for our collaboration with Mexican firm Ibarra Aragón Arquitectura on Casa Ithualli in Monterrey. From the jury:

“Casa Ithualli, for me, represented a typology—an almost experimental building block for a city. I sense that you could take this and almost drop it in almost any urban setting and one could achieve the highest level of privacy and intimacy, even in a very, very dense setting. “ – Allison Williams, FAIA

“This project has done some new things that I haven’t seen before that are really remarkable: the way they subtract space, create space, and connect inside to outside; the way you arrive and flow into the spaces is beautifully done.” – Kevin Kudo-King, AIA

2019 AIA Austin Design Awards Celebration at Fair Market