Award | Student Architecture Award


On November 27, Chinmaya Mission Austin received the UTSoA Student Architecture Award at a formal reception inside the historic Battle Hall. The award, given each year in association with Professor Wilfried Wang’s Architectural Criticism course, allows participants to engage in a student-run jury panel to identify and select the best new architecture in Austin.

Established as a home for the Central Texas division of Chinmaya Mission, the 8-acre campus is characterized by an architectural language that reinterprets traditional Indian typologies in order to reflect the organization’s modern context. The campus master plan combines the traditional vastu shastra principles of Hindu design with a contemporary sensibility. From the student jury:

This truly was an ideal architect-client relationship that sought to formalize ancient Hindu sensibilities and metaphysical orders into a modern representation that was, as said by the client, ‘Texas on the exterior and Indian on the interior.’
Chinmaya Mission Austin
Chinmaya Mission Austin