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Miró Rivera Architects | Commercial, Institutional & Residential Architecture | Austin, Texas



Our institutional and educational projects focus on building communities through innovative structures that engage in a dialogue with their surroundings. From sports and recreation to offices and mixed-use, our work is distinguished by bold forms that foster a sense of place.

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Our approach to residential architecture is about connecting people with nature and embracing the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Whether new construction or renovation, our homes are characterized by warm materials, abundant natural light, and attention to detail.

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Our roster of small projects includes an internationally-recognized sculptural trail restroom, and our homes are enhanced by custom fixtures. Meanwhile, our unconventional, award-winning bridge designs have captured the imagination of millions around the world.


Reading Austin through Miró Rivera’s work yields a vision of graceful, elegant living—a sense of the presentness of the hills, the local stone, the heat of the day, the relieving lake.
— Michael Sorkin



Drawing from our roots in Spain and Latin America enables us to bring an international perspective to projects in diverse locations and clients with very different backgrounds. We are interested in the common threads of human experience shared across cultures, and in finding ways for the local and the universal to coexist. Learn more...


We understand that every project presents different challenges and that we must adapt to the circumstances. Nevertheless, we always seek to confront the big questions: How can we infuse buildings with beauty? How can buildings embody new ideas and aspirations? How can buildings transcend time and place? Learn more...


The role of the architect comes with a responsibility to our communities. Our extensive knowledge of initiatives such as LEED and Austin Energy Green Building have allowed our clients to meet or exceed their goals for sustainability. Our projects have been recognized by the Austin Green Awards and Envision Central Texas. Learn more...


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