Guadalquivir 21

Guadalquivir 21

Guadalquivir 21


Designed in partership with Ibarra Aragón Arquitectura, Guadilquivir 21 is situated on an extremely tight lot with an impressive view of the Sierra Madre Oriental. This four-story building for a young developer skillfully fits 7,000 sq ft of office space and 22 parking spaces into a 4,800 sq ft lot, while still meeting strict neighborhood compatibility requirements.

The developer approached the architects with the desire to build a “statement building” in a Monterrey neighborhood known for its live/work character. In response to a limited footprint, the solution maximizes the space available in section, paying special attention to create a single-story volume at the ground level, in keeping with the existing urban fabric.

Floating atop the single-story entry volume, a volumetric, cast-in-place concrete structure is highlighted as a compositional element. Wood cladding echoes the board-formed concrete and offers a softer counterpoint to the predominant concrete and glass. Aluminum louvers reinforce the subtle horizontality of the board-formed concrete, allowing for expansive views while providing protection from southern exposure.


Guadalquivir 21

Monterrey, Mexico

Construcción Asesoría Y Diseño

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